Cüneyt AKIN

Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi Fen Edebiyat Fakültesi Çağdaş Türk Lehçeleri ve Edebiyatları Bölümü, Afyon/Türkiye.

Keywords: Textlinguistics, coherence, Chingiz Aitmatov, consistency, Birinçi Mugalim.


Textlinguistics, which stands out among the text-based literary theories, is a text analysis method that helps us to reveal the textuality criteria of a text, the communicative relations and grammatical connections in the text and has recently attracted attention. This method facilitates the holistic comprehension and analysis of the text by establishing connections between the text itself, its author and its analyzer. With this method, of which we have come across many examples, especially on the texts of modern literature, important determinations and analyzes can be made about the structure and content materials that determine the text characteristics of literary works. Although the studies conducted in Turkey are mostly focused on modern period literary works, they do not have an inclusive qualification for the literature of the Turkish world. For this reason, we believe that this study will contribute to filling this gap in the field of Turkish world literatures and to a better understanding of an author and his works, especially Cengiz Aytmatov, whose works have been translated into 194 languages. First of all, the work was examined in terms of “repetition”, “collocation patterning” and “postreference” elements in the small structure within the framework of the “coherence” criterion, which is one of the text-oriented criteria. In the next section, the work was examined in terms of “privatization”, “generalization”, “causality” and “contrast” elements in the large structure within the framework of the “consistency” criterion, which is also a text-oriented criteria. In the second part, the work is examined in terms of “purposefulness”, “informativity”, “contingency”, “intertextuality”, “acceptability” criteria within the framework of user-oriented criteria. The analysis of the work was carried out in the form of Kyrgyz Turkish, which is included in an eight-volume corpus of Aytmatov’s works, edited by Akmataliyev.