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Keywords: Kerim Tincurin, Tatar theater, Tatar literary works.


Kerim Tincurin, the well-known writer, famous actor and successful director of Tatar theater, was born in 1887 in a village called Akkul (Tarakan). Kerim Tincurin, whose inclination to literature and art began in the medressah years and who gave products in various fields, with interest in almost every field of literature, tries to reflect the life of the Tatar people with all transparency in his works. In this context, it is possible to learn from Kerim Tincurin’s works about the political events of the period and the impact of these events on the lives of the people and the economic situation of Tatar people. The fact that Kerim Tincurin, despite being one of the victims of repression, regained his reputation with the end of Stalin’s rule and is still respected today is undoubtedly due to the fact that his works are not detached from the people and the life of the people. Kerim Tincurin, who chooses the characters in his work from among the people, is a writer who does not strive to be popular and does not adopt a false image in front of the public.

Kerim Tincurin, whose purpose was to enlighten the public with his works,was arrested on September 17, 1937 as one of the victims of Repressians, as a member of the bourgeois nationalist organization, as an enemy of the Soviet Union, as well as making connections with Ayaz Ishaki, the enemy of the Soviet Union, and spying on behalf of Japan. By being sentenced to death on December 14, 1938, Kerim Tincurin’s fiftyone year lifetime came to an end in one hour and fifty minutes.

In this study, information will be given about the life and theater works of Kerim Tincurin, who devoted his whole life and artistic talent to the development of Tatar theater.