Fatih Çelik

Keywords: Turkish dialects, çal-, çert-, oyna-, tart-, music, musicalinstruments


Verbs used in languages form the main structure of the language. Most of the borrowed words in the language are nouns. Verbs, on the other hand, are less borrowed elements. Names in Turkish languages differ more. Each Turkish community has taken different names from neighboring states. However, the verbs used in Turkic languages have generally been common. In this study, the verbs çal-, çert-, oyna-, tart-, which are used in the sense of playing a musical instrument in Kyrgyz Turkish, are emphasized. Although the common roots of the same roots are preserved in Turkish dialects, differences have occurred over time. These differences are seen in the use of words. The verbs çal-, çert-, oyna- , tart- which express to play a musical instrument, are used differently in Turkish dialects. In the study, it was stated that these verbs are used in common or differently among the dialects. The equivalents and usage patterns of these verbs have been revealed. In addition, the varying structure of the verbs çal-, çert-, oyna-, tart- from Old Turkish to the present has been emphasized. In these verbs, it is emphasized how new meanings are formed. As a result, it was revealed that which verbs are used to mean "playing a musical instrument" in dialects