Metin Arıkan

Keywords: Zeki Velidi Togan, folklorist, Turkish folk culture, Turkish world, Turcologist


Zeki Velidi Togan is a versatile researcher, who achieved a phenomenal success in branches of Turcology, especially in Turkish history and in Turkish art history. In addition to this, his investigations relating to Turkish folklore, remain as one of the most considerable contributions to Turkish studies. Some of them are traditional Turkish architecture, folk medicine, classic folk-economy, traditional beliefs and celebrations and examples of folk literature. When considering the environmental, political and social factors of his time, it was never easy for Togan to search, determine, compile and write the heritage of Turkish folk culture. That his contributions to Turkish folklore are still utilized today can be considered as a sign of his scientific accuracy. In this study, based on the works and searches of Togan, his contributions to Turkish folklore are tried to be systematically revealed. Togan used the names of places with their original ones. He attended therapeutic performance, he observed relating to traditional sources of living; Turkish folk culture and literature and he regarded all these activities as a national duty. In conclusion, Zeki Velidi Togan with his observations and works stands out as a Turkish folklorist too.