Ali Erol

Keywords: Tevfik Fikret, Abbas Sıhhat, children’s literature, Turkish literatüre, Azerbaijani literatüre


Turkish literature and Azerbaijani literature have gone throughsimilar developmental stages with the effect of similar political, socialand cultural developments experienced in similar periods.As it is known, both the "awareness of social responsibility" andthe concept of "art for society" brought new perspectives to the literaryworld in both fields starting from the last quarter of the 19th and thebeginning of the 20th century. Through these perspectives another fieldof study, namely as "Children's Literature", brought to the world ofliterature, covering a wide range from politics to cultural and economicdevelopments.Abbas Sıhhat is one of the pioneers of children's literature inAzerbaijani literature. In our literature, Tevfik Fikret has a distinct valuein terms of having the first competent studies on this subject. It shouldalso be noted that Fikret is also an inspiration to many poets, includingAbbas Sıhhat, along with his significant contributions to the developmentof Azerbaijani children's literature.These two names, who had the first steps in the field of children'sliterature in their own fields, showed a similar approach in their studies.This process, which manifests itself as a transition from individual, orsemi-social themes to political issues, is also characteristic of the unity ofpurpose and instrument.In this study, the poems of both Tevfik Fikret and Abbas Sıhhat willbe evaluated separately within the scope of children's literature and thenthematic elements will be examined in terms of both perception andtreatment followed by style and language examples with cause and effectrelationship.