Aylin Çakır

Keywords: Ketibi, On You, Yahya Kemal, 1918, poem


Ketibi, a 19th century poet, is one of the strong names in the field of Turkmenistan literature. Ketibi attended the Göktepe War II, which was one of the important events towards the end of the Turkmenistan history, and died because of a wound he got at the war. The poet described the grievous situation of the nation, which got defeated in Göktepe War II, in his poem named "On You" and after that defeat he defined the life of people in "despising" context.From Turkey's literary field, the 20th century poet Yahya Kemal described the harsh situation, in which the nation was after the Mondros Treaty which was signed in 1918, in his poem "1918". Yahya Kemal used "despiring" as a main aspect, too. There are also other similar aspects in both of the poems. After the defeat which profoundly influenced the faith of their nations, the two poet who lived in different periods of time, in different geographies and who did not have the possibility to know each other, expressed the same feelings with nearly the same aspects. These two poems are only two little examples related to the subject. There must definitely be other examples. We believe that determining and comparatively analysing them will be a duty to our culture. With this belief, we will try to analyze both of these poems, which we have mentioned above, within their various aspects