Salim Durukoğlu


As one of the most known and loved poets of his country, Kenen Azerbayev is a distinctive voice of Kazakh Turkish Folk Literature and with his powerful words as his breath and saz (a long-necked stringed instrument of the lute family) is a contemporary performer of an ancient and common literature which spreads from the Kazakh land to the other Turkish lands. Azerbayev lived between the years 1884-1976, and the town where he was born has been named after him and a museum named after him has been opened in the same town. Although the poems and songs he played with his dombıra (an ancient Turkish music instrument) established him as a distinctive poet among world musicians and in his own culture, there are not any academic publications introducing him in our country.The aim of this study is to present this free and strong voice of our spiritual world, who is almost never mentioned in the publications and articles on Turks and Contemporary Turkish Literatures and thereby we aim to meet this deficit and give priority to this literary figure who might be the subject of graduate studies in the future. In addition to this, we believe this study will help the Turkish peoples overcome the artificial defamiliarization and narrow the gap among them which has emerged in the historical process