Being a peer-reviewed journal, Turkish World Journal of Language and Literature is published twice in a year as Spring (March) and Autumn (October).

Scientific papers putting emphasis on the matters relating to Turkic literary languges/dialects, history of their literatures, actual issues, their literary works and personalities are included in the Journal.

Papers submitted to the journal so as to be published must not be published anywhere else previously and must not be in publication processes of any other journal in the same time. The proceedings and papers presented at congresses or conferences are taken in the agenda of the Journal only if they are brought in compliance with the publishing principles given hereby.

The main publishing language of the Journal is Turkey Turkish. Besides, the papers written in Turkic languages and dialects; in English, German, French and Russian are also allowed in the Journal.

In case of the language of the paper to be in any of contemporary Turkic languages or dialects, the order is arranged accordingly as to be given firstly the original title and abstract, secondly title and abstract in Turkish and thirdly the title and abstract in English.

Review Period

The papers should be submitted to the Journal through YAYSİS 2 (Publication Tracking System) - https://giris.ayk.gov.tr/signin/. Applications through mail or e-mail will not be taken into consideration.

In the Journal blind-review principle is applied. After having been reviewed in terms of compatibility with the publication principles, the papers submitted to the Journal are sent to two journal referees (the papers evaluated as inadmissible by the editor are not taken in this process). When the one referee is in the opinion that the paper can be published and the other is against, the paper is sent to a third referee. In this case the opinion of the third referee is determinant in whether the paper to be published or not.

The papers are directly transmitted to the referees through YAYSİS 2 (Publication Tracking System) without making any changes on the original copy sent by the author. In order the author-referee confidentiality to be maintained, there should not be any information on the paper which may indicate the identity of the author.

Publication Process

The papers which have taken positive opinion from the referees are put on the agenda of the editorial board. The editorial board reserve the right to refuse a paper which has taken positive opinion. The legal liability of the paper and the urged opinions in the paper belong to the author himself.

The papers that the editorial board vote for publication are requested from their authors through e-mail. At this stage the author should apply his/her paper to the template which can be downloaded herefrom. The authors should give the contact information, ORCID number and “Name SURNAME” in the footnote.

In the papers evaluated as appropriate for publication by the editorial board, there should be and extended summary between 700-1000 words both in Turkish and English.

The abstracts between 200-250 words, the title and the keywords should be given at the first page of the paper both in Turkish and English.

The orthography (including the abbreviations) in the paper should be conformed with the spelling dictionary of the Turkish Language Institute.

The texts, photographs, tables and diagrams cannot be cited without giving reference.

The royalties to be paid to the authors for their papers published in the Journal are calculated and paid in the framework of the provisions of the relevant regulations.

The papers which has been published in the Journal are also electronically published on the “Yayınlar [=Publications]” panel at the webpage of Turkish Language Institution http://tdk.gov.tr/yayinlar/sureli-yayinlarimiz/turk-dunyasi-dergisi/) and at DergiPark of TUBİTAK/ULAKBİLİM (https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/tdded).

Requested Page Layout Properties in the Papers Submitted to the Journal

The papers should be submitted to the Journal through YAYSİS (Publication Tracking System). The papers should be prepared in computer environment, in MS Word programme. Other than Times New Roman typeface, if in the paper there are non-standard fonts or fonts not available in MS Office, they should be also attached during the submission of the paper.

The abstract’s layout should be 2 centimetres left and right in margin, in 10 pt in size and with single spacing.

The paper should be prepared in MS Word software. The page layout should be as below:
- Main text size: 11 pt.
- Footnotes size: 9 pt.
- Paragraph spacing: 6nk.
- Top - bottom - right - left margins: 3 cm
- Line spacing: Single
- Paragraph indent: 0,6 cm

The citations shorter than five lines are given in inverted commas in the same paragraph; the ones longer than five lines or 40 words are given in a separate paragraph interlineally as a block with 1,25 centimetres left and right margins, single line spacing and in 10 pt size.

Footnotes should be used only to make explanations and should be given at the bottom of the page with numbering.

Sources that are referred are given at the end of the paper under a separate heading as “Kaynakça [=Bibliograhy]” with the gradation of the last names of the authors.

APA citation style is adopted in the Journal. Thus, the papers submitted to the Journal are required to fulfil this standard as below: